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Katies Mystery Riddle

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Mystery Object

By: Katie

I have red and white stripes that swirl around and around me.

 I am a shape of a cylinder.

 I will remind you of Star Wars cartoons and movies.

You will hear crunching when someone bites or chews me. 

I am a dessert that smells as sweet as cinnamon.

 I taste as sweet as cotton candy with extra sugar.

 I am a unique dessert because with a push of a button I will let off an extraordinary red glow.

 I am about as long as your hand.

Part of me is smooth the other is rough. 

What am I?



















Comments (2)

Paloma said

at 7:00 pm on Mar 17, 2014

That was very confusing!!!

Macy said

at 7:36 am on Mar 19, 2014

star wars candycane never heard of that!!!

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