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The puppy place

Cody p1-2

Lizzie and her friends love

the halloween festival and are  exited about

picking there costumes and Lizzie is exited

about sharing her ideas a little to exited. She is

a little funny through this chapter




The puppy place

Cody p2-3

In chapter 2 this mystery family drops of a 

foster Dalmatian  with a letter about the breed. 

They don't know why he is here. Its a mystery.




The puppy place

Cody p3-4 

In chapter 3 they find out why the puppy is there

and its because he is a little too too exited.

this is the first time the foster puppy

has been named Cody. The kids want him badly and they

discus with there parents if they can foster him.

Feb 4  meet me in horror wood 

I think I am really going to like this book. So far

it is about a 2 of a kind pet getting

sick  and had not eaten since a day.

Feb 5


Ramona and her mother 

Ramona is no person to have together brunch with 

her little enemy Willa Jean! A very dirty girl.

 When she walks in Ramona`s house Ramona

is so surprised when she sees her beautiful

outfit And when Willa makes a tissue disaster. 

Feb 6


Ramona and her mother 

Usually Ramona stays with her close friend Howie

Kemp . But today her mom doesn't need to go to work.

So she stays home with her mom and decides to

sew with her .


Feb 7  


Ramona and her mother 

Today Ramona is making breakfast .  Her parents

are going to work . Then Ramona mentions every

body picks on her. Then she hears her dad is not

getting much money of his job. So its a hard day

for Ramona.

Feb 10


Ramona and her mother

Ramona is having a hard day at school.

She thinks her teacher does not like her. She is having 

a horrible day at lunch too. Then she goes home and enjoys

playing checkers.

Feb 11 


 Whatever after


These siblings that live in Smith vile

Jonah and his sister get swept into 

their magic mirror . They end up in snow white`s village.

So this time they expect to go to the same place but

that is not true. They end up in Cinderella`s story

and do not know where they are plusThey accidentally

broke her foot by dropping a glass slipper on it.

Feb 12


whatever after 


 This time the prince`s servant is coming to test who the

glass slipper fits and Cinderella has a broken foot. So

they all think of a plan and they come up with this idea

to call her fair god mother . she says NO because

Cinderella`s  is kind of in a bad mood and because she needs

to be self-reliant . now she says the servant won`t be

here till Tuesday and its Saturday . now she is thinking

about getting a job and moving now.

Feb  16

whatever after 


Cinderella`s now thinking about sewing for other people

and sewing  Cinderella`s dress for money and to

show farrow her god mother she is self reliant. That did

not work out so much.

Feb. 17 

whatever after 


So  now the kids tell her to make brownies but the

problem is she does not know what they are and the

kids don`t know the recipe. The kids describe what

it taste like . Finally she gets it right on the fourth try.

Then they go to the market and sell them.

Feb. 18 

Whatever after 


Cinderella`s brownies are selling wildly or should I say

cronies.They are almost out. They  find kala is there.

She finds out what they are doing and helps Cinderella 

sell cronies.

Feb. 24


Judy Moody


today is the first day of 3rd grade. Judy is having  ruff day

because third grade won`t be the same as third grade. She is

nervous. When she goes to school she releases it`s not so bad 

Feb. 25




It works they got the money they need but one of the sisters tell

on them .They are in big trouble.

march 3


the ghoul next door 


Libby's B.F.F dosen`t have time for her,her secrete crush dozen`t

know she exists. Now she needs a since tutor. If something 

cool doesn`t  happen soon, she`s going to die of boredom!

march 4


the ghoul next door 

then ghostly girl moves in next door .Every time libby tries

to talk to Julia she has a strange way of disappearing. 

march 5


the ghoul next door 

Libby sees the words help me scrawled on Julia`s bedroom window

she starts to suspect something weird is going on .

march 6  the ghoul next door 

today she has a weird dream about her best friend. So she goes to her

best friends house.Something is going on Julia has not been talking

since she had drowned one of her friends witch was 6 months ago

but she talked to her yesterday


Captian under  pants and

the attack of talking toilets

in this book two bad kids hypnotized  there principal  into thinking 

that he is actually captin under pants . Last year they recked the whole place

at there since fair but now they don't get to go and be principal for the day.


Captian under pants and the

attack of the talking toilets

so the two boys get out of detention some how and get to the place where all

the new inventions are.They destroy all the inventions except one make alive 

copy machine .They take it to their imagination and copy their own comics 

about evil vicious talking toilets.It`s up to them to save the world.

mar.20   Spirit animals  

Connor and Devin are very  lucky because they get to try to call a spirt

animal and very little 11 years old get to. It`s a big risk to because you might

not get one .These two boys don't care they are going to do it any ways. 


mar.30  dairy of a wimpy kid 

To  Gregg school is not that great .You get bullied by people and when you walk

in and sit down just anywhere your teacher hopes you like that seat cause it is yours

and there is always discusting people there.It also talks about how the cheese touch

came to be.So Greg wants to be principal because his school would be awesome 

mar.31  dairy of a wimpy kid 

Many is a horrible bro... for his nick names and his annoying words too  it is just

not normal for a 3 year old. For the video games greg does that every day. His dad is starting

to complain about how greg does not get enough sun light so whenever his dad kicks him out

of the house to do something outside greg goes to his friends house to play video games to 

keep him entertained.

April 1  dairy of a wimpy kid 

Greg is so wanting to play one of those CD`s that have a parental warning on it that Rodrick

has (his older bro…). That night Greg goes downstairs to rod ricks room and just starts

jamming the whole house.Then Greg`s dad wakes up and comes downstairs  and busts Greg.

Then Greg breaks the window with a baseball and tries to pay it of by dusting the table.

April 2  dairy of a wimpy kid 

so Rodrick  gets in trouble for showing his little little bro… Many some heavy metal articles

with a picture of a women with a bikini on and she was lying on the top of the car

but apparently Many took it to school for show and tell .His mom didn`t like that .She made Rodrick answer questions about that.  Greg is still thinking about that president thing.

April 3   dairy of a wimpy kid 

Its almost Halloween and that  is Greg and his dads fave holiday .Greg got his mom to buy him tickets to the

scariest haunted house. After that Greg and Rowley put a haunted house in Rowley`s basement but one kid

tried to get on and he was so scared on the first part that he could not get out.[it was not even that scary]


april 7 

Mummies in the morning 

magic tree house

Jack and Annie get whisked to Ancient Egypt .They meet a spirt queen who need their help . Jack and Annie 

solve the puzzle and save the queen.

april 8  

Magic tree house

lions at lunchtime 

The magic tree house whisks Jack and Annie to Africa .Annie helps wildebeest cross a river then

they follow a honey bird and meet Masai warrior . Jack hopes the loins will stay away.

april 9 

magic tree house

earthquake in the early morning 

The magic tree house whisks Jack and Annie to California in 1906. When they arrive the good known earthquake

hits the place. i am looking forward to reading more!

April 10 

Magic tree house


Jack and Annie find the final writing to help Morgan save camelot and go home.I look forward to reading the


April14  Magic tree house  when the magic tree house whisks Jack and Annie back to the freezing arctic . A dogsledder  come to give them warm clothes [lucky kids]
april 16  puppy place  lizzie and charels can`t wait to get a puppy but for nowthe Petersons foster dogs . when skipper arrives at the local dog shelter with 3 new puppies there is no room for them.



Comments (8)

Emerson said

at 8:05 pm on Jan 27, 2014

Love the book and it's funny how Cody is afraid of Halloween.This is Emerson Engel

Katie said

at 8:32 pm on Jan 29, 2014

How cute! I want to read them!

Macy said

at 12:42 pm on Jan 30, 2014

i know so cute

Macy said

at 12:43 pm on Jan 30, 2014

anybody else think its cute

ronie cunningahm said

at 8:59 pm on Feb 11, 2014

Whatever After... is it a take off from fairy tales? Do you like reading this book?

ronie cunningahm said

at 5:18 pm on Feb 18, 2014

Kendric, good job with your entries. Most of the entries have complete sentences! Be sure to always check for capitalization and punctuation. Keep up the good work!

Paloma said

at 5:24 pm on Feb 25, 2014

I do! And is Whatever After a bluebonnet book?

Macy said

at 8:48 pm on Mar 6, 2014

who is the ghost

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