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Page history last edited by David 8 years, 9 months ago
ghetto cowboy
Cole is liking Philly now that he is getting use to it. He named a horse Boo because he looked frightened. Boo likes Cole and Cole likes Boo. Cole is starting to like his Dad, Harper. Cole still missing his mom a little and he is wondering what she is doing in Detroit. Cole had a cousin name Smush who is a gangster - I think and he gets in trouble a lot.
jennifer jones won't leave me alone
I like this book because there is this kid named Percy who doesn't know he likes Jennifer until she leaves town. He misses her kisses and her love poems and red hearts. Then he gets a note from Jennifer that she will see him in June.  Then he says,  Whoop -dee-do she will return very soon. All the kids are like WHAT and he thinks should I tell them a lie but he tell them the truth.
Bone The Grate Cow Race
This book is about Phoney Bone  wanting money so he makes his cousin Smiley Bone enter a cow race to try to beat Grandma Ben but they lose.
ghetto cowboy
The city is making Harper and his friends leave the stables because they says its disturbing people with a big pile of poo.  They took the horses they thought were not fed well to make dog food - I think.  Cole is going to try and steal the horses back and take them to a Brooklyn shelter.
ghetto cowboy
Cole and Smush and Snapper took the horse from the police station and hid at Devil Pool. Smush told one of his friends to bring food and sleeping supplies to camp out. But they got sold out by one of their own. His friend was forced to tell Harper where they were and he went to find them.  He's in trouble!
ghetto cowboy
I finished the book. Harper and Tex call a big humungous group to stop the bulldozer from bulldozing the stables.  Everyone came even Carmelo. They stop the bulldozer from knocking everything down. Then the police came and the TV reporters. The police did not want to look bad so they let them alone and gave time to clean it up. They spent a week cleaning it up and they passed. In the end Cole got to stay with his mom during school and with this dad in the summer. He was happy.
two bad ants
I read Two Bad Ant. It is about a scout ant and he brings back sugar but thinks its a crystal. The queen takes a bite and eats it all. Then many ants go get more crystal because the queen was their mother and she was happy every time she ate one.  The scout ants went on the long and dangerous journey to get more crystals. I liked the part when everybody was rushing and forgot about 2 ants that were left behind. They ate so many crystals that they couldn't move. In the morning they got scooped up and put into tea. They went into a toaster and then got flinged out and then accidently fell in the garbage disposer while getting a drink of water. The scary part was when they went into an electrical socket and got shot out of that.  Never go inside a house if you are an ant. Dangerous things can happen.

Peter Pan's Favorites

Lost Baton

This story is about a guy in a marching band throws his baton in the air and it gets stuck in a tree. Peter Pan sees it and flies all the way to catch it. When the band supervisor asks where is your baton, the man says i dont know and sticks out his hand. Peter Pan drops it right in his hand and the supervisor is not mad anymore.  I liked it because i accidently forget things and thanks to my mom things pop up in my backpack.
waiting for magic
I read Waiting for Magic. its about a family that loses the dad. He says he'll come back soon, but he is not. The family went to a pet store to get a dog and a cat. They didn't have a dog or cat before because the Dad didn't like animals. So the mom bought 4 dogs and 1 cat.
waiting for magic
I read  waiting for magic. The mom got sick and the grandpa came over.  I feel bad for the mom because her husband is gone and now she is sick.  And she has a house full of dogs and a cat named Elenor. The little sister takes care of the Laura the cat 24/7.  I'm afraid of cats because you know how cats are with people.
waiting for magic
I found out that the mom wasn't sick. She's having a baby!  William thinks this is one of his perfect summers even though his dad was not there.  I think William had fun playing with this friends. The dad finally calls and said he couldn't call sooner because he was sick.  I think he was just confused with everything going on.  Sometime don't you get confused - my mom says she gets confused alot with all our stuff.  But I don't think my mom will leave.
Waiting for Magic
The Dad came back. He left because he wanted to be an author or poet. Eleanor is happy that he came back. The Dad never got a dog and wanted to name a dog scooter if he ever got one. The Dad can't sleep with mom because Bryan the alpha dog of the pack is sleeping in his spot and won't budge. I feel like the Dad because sometimes I want to sleep somewhere and my sister is so heavy you can't move her. My Dad says I always kick and punch and wake up freaking out, but I don't know this because I'm fast asleep. Whenever I do this I feel like I'm in one of my best sleeps.
Mufaro's beautiful daughters
I read Mufaro's beautiful daughters. It was about 2 sisters that were beautiful. The older sister was not nice and almost always in a bad temper. The older sister says that the everybody would hate the younger sister's kindness. But it is the opposite of what the older sister says. Therefore the younger sister gets to be queen because of her kindness.
Geronimo Stilton the karate mouse
This book is about a mouse named Geronimo Stilton whose friends and family members always set him up for wild adventures.  Geronimo goes to Mouse Marcos to be in a mouse island world championship karate tournament. He only has one week to train. Geronimo wins by running away from the punches and leap and kicks a guy. He loses his balance and does a back somersault. They test him for drugs but he is clear. During the championship the other mouse's trainer made him take a drug that made him stronger. He was disqualified and he cried so much for a big and tough guy,
2014 book of world records
Did you know the largest dolphin is an Orca? Did you know that Justin Bieber has the most followers on Twitter or did you know that Adam Sandler and Will Smith have the most Kid Choice awards.  My favorite part was the most valuable football team is the Dallas Cowboys. They are worth $2.1 billions and have had this award for 6 years in a row. I like this book because it has world records and you never know what kind of records they will put in this books.  They keep records about all sorts of things.
3/4/14  Winnie the pooh  One story was about Winnie wanting to get honey from a tree. He climbs up and falls all the way down with a painful fall. He gets a balloon and flies all the way up there. He stays at the top of the tree for 5 weeks.  When he gets down he is stiff. When I try to get stuff I get consequences too.  When I accidentally hit my sister I get grounded to the bone. 

Spirit Animals

Wild Born

I read Spirit Animals Wild Born.  Its about kids who turn 11 that very year get a chance to drink nectar and if they are lucky they call a spirit animal. Conor is the first person to call a spirit animal. Conor's dad owes money to the Earl so he uses Conor to pay off his debt. Conor is a servant boy to the Earl's son, Devin.  I feel mad because I don't think people should give their kids up for money.

Spirit Animals

Wild Born

I like when you get lucky and get something. That's what happen to Conor. He got a spirit animal and Devin did not. If I could call a spirit animal I would call Macy my dog.A ki
a kid for Jack
Its about a stray dog named Jack and he wanders into the middle of the road and get hit by a car. He gets taken to a vet and then a shelter. Somebody buys him who has 3 kids. Jack get a lot of doggy kisses, belly rubs and play time.  I hated the part where he get hit by a car. He still survives.
3/24/14  spirit animals I read about Abeke and her spirit animal. She called a leopard one of the great beast. And Zeriff takes her and says he will give her good care.  So she leaves her village and goes with Zeriff. She was going to be the Rain Dancer for her village but left so she wouldn't bring enemies to the village.  I felt sorry for Abeke because she tried to help her  village but couldn't do anything right.
3/25/14  spirit animals  Meilin summoned one of the great beast just like Conor and Abeke. Her animal was a panda. Her city was being attacked on her 11th name day. Her father and her head to the tower to escape the rebels. The dad said he had never seen anything this bad since the devourer. He had Meilin run away in one of the tunnels as he fight off the rebels to save her. I think the Dad is not going to make it.
3/26/14  spirit animals  Rollan is a orphan and a thief for a living.  He doesn't steal for the hurt, poor or sick. He needs money to get medicine for his friend who is very sick. Rollan tries to volunteer to work for the medicine but then another friends steals the medicine while rollan is talking to the manager.  Rollan is arrested and given to the militia. They make him drink the nectar and he summons a falcon. Then Zeriff comes to take him away but Rollan suspects something bad about him because the falcon doesn't like Zeriff. He runs away and finds a Greencloak. the Greencloaks says Zerif is the enemy.  I'm scared because he already had Abeke!
spirit animals
Abeke doesn't know she is kidnapped. She feels like royalty because her leopard is one of the great beast. She has a golden room on a ship. She has her own trainer and servant.  She had a test attack during training and she knocked the pretend assasin out. I don't like getting hit by a heavy blow because I have had quite a few blows to the head and I have had short term memory loss.
spirit animals
Rollan meets Conor and Meilin. Meilin already has her Panda in control and it turn into a tattoo on her arm. Rollan and Conor don't have control of their beast yet. I like Rollan because he make funny jokes. He told Meilin what is your super power? Cuddling? Because Meilin's beast is a panda.  I feel sorry for Rollan because his falcon does not like him yet.
winnie the pooh
Winnie gets stuck in Rabbit's front door.  Christopher Robin says Winnie the Pooh has to stay stuck for a week and not have any meals. He should get skinnier by then and they can pull him out.  When one week passes, they pull him and pull him and pull him and POP! He comes out.  I feel like this when I get my fingers stuck in something. No matter what it is I pull and pull and get my fingers out. Luckily, I've never gotten something stuck for a week.
wild born
Rollan is planning his escape because he doesn't trust Olvan and the Greencloaks.  He pretends he is getting a midnight snack but Conor is out with his wolf and they find him.  Rollan lies about why he is roaming the halls for his escape. I think Conor know he's up to something. I wonder if Olvan is a good guy or bad guy like Zerif.
Mountain of Fire
This book is about the Thea sisters and their adventure to a Mountain. The sisters went to help save the sick sheep on Nicky's farm.  Their neighbor owns a fertilizer plane and so do they. The neighbor put poison lead in their fertilizer plane and flew over Nicky's farm. This is poisoning the grass and getting the sheep sick.
Mountain of Fire
The sisters find out the cure for the sheep are these little seeds inside a necklace they had all a long. These seeds made cheese stew and helped the sheep get better. The sheep were then able to enter the wool contest.  I think the sister are very adventurous and solve alot of mysteries. They remind me of Scoodey Doo cartoons.


Comments (13)

ronie cunningahm said

at 6:24 pm on Jan 27, 2014

Are Cole's parents divorced? Where did he use to live?

David said

at 6:58 pm on Jan 28, 2014

Yes Cole's parents are divorced. Cole has never met his Dad until he started to skip school and his mother got so mad she sent him to live with his Dad in Philly. Cole use to live in Detroit with his Mom.

Alexander said

at 6:51 pm on Jan 28, 2014

I think the ganster is going to do something EXTREMLY bad in the story!

David said

at 7:00 pm on Jan 28, 2014

I hope his cousin Smush doesn't do anything bad. Have you read the story?

David said

at 6:58 pm on Jan 28, 2014

Yes Cole's parents are divorced. Cole has never met his Dad until he started to skip school and his mother got so mad she sent him to live with his Dad in Philly. Cole use to live in Detroit with his Mom.

Grant said

at 9:25 pm on Jan 28, 2014

I like a person who tells the truth instead of a lie.

David said

at 10:06 pm on Jan 29, 2014

He had no choice because everyone could see how he felt.

Jake said

at 7:38 pm on Jan 29, 2014

vary funny!!!!

Lillian said

at 8:15 pm on Jan 29, 2014

This a nice book David and funny. Is Cole curious OR not curious.

David said

at 10:03 pm on Jan 29, 2014

Cole is kind of curious.

Sammy said

at 10:49 pm on Jan 30, 2014

cool I want to see who wins the race

ronie cunningahm said

at 7:35 pm on Mar 3, 2014

I like to read about World Records too! It's really interesting!

Paloma said

at 7:57 pm on Apr 4, 2014

Austin, my sister ( Ava) LOVES Winnie the Pooh and once she read it she screamed and got all FREAKED OUT !!!!!!!!

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