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Page history last edited by Jakob 8 years, 9 months ago
jan 27 
big foot

big foot have long feet. they live in the woods

of north America. when you smell Bigfoot you 

can throw up. 

jan 28

I love this book . my favorite shark is the Grate white

and the cutest one is the Swell shark . and the weirdest

one is the Pig head the reason why it's called that is

because it has a pig snout .


feb 6  Wonder 


his mom told the story when August was born the funy part was

when the docter was farting . August did not want to go to school

becase 1 his face 2 this is his 3 its boring . I know how he fells. 

2-13-2014  Natinal geo  

while I was reading natgeo ther was this artical about bad pets.ther

was this really funy one the dog said i will eat your hoomwork so

you can play with me. 

2-18-14  batman the long halloween 

this book is ok.the part I realy liked it when this guy, Falcone who is the bad guy  said I was a friend of

your father.        

2-20-2014  batman the long halloween  It's getting good. Falcone is trying to get Bruce Wayne to join his business. Bruce knows better and won't join. 
2-26-2014  Calvin and Hobbs  

I REALY LIKE CALVIN AND HOBBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my favroit part was when Calvin said lets go to the future in the wagin  they went down the hill and they stoped nothing cahnged . calven said but it ben2 min.  

  Hugo               This book is interesting ! hugo went to this toy stand and stole a jurunal. the man who owns the stand chast him and hugo kept saying its my book .
  titanic  this book is intreresting . padeys stomch was hungre . pady hert her chin. i cant wait to finsh this seris 
  wonder struck 
this book is GREAT but the wird part is that thers a guy that has no shirt on and hes runing away from wloves . and thes 2 kids are shring a room. 
  diery of a wimpy kid
THIS BOOK IS WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW. my favrit part is when it is hallaween and its 10:00 AM and thes tenagers spray them with water. 
  2001 a space odyssey
I watched the movie 2001 and now i'm reading the book . I read chapter 1 and it was good. It was about how a group of people were living in a cave after a 10 million year drought. I can't wait to read the rest of the book.
  2001 a space odyssey

chpter 2 the moon wather awoke . the moon wather sat in darknees . in this part of the story thers

elaphents . he starid streat .

  fethers for lunch   this book is ok ;] it is basicaly a cat that is hungrey and hes sees birds and he wants to eat them 
3/24/14  flyguy  

i loved this book since i was in kinder . it was a bad idea to bukle fly guy in a car . the wind throw fly guy out of the car . he landed

in a mouth in a boat in a rocket . 

3\24\14  i can read with my eyes shut by.dr susses 

I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he can read with any clored glasses . he can read in a circal,in a bed, in a pool.

he does not read with his eyes closed aloot. 

3/26/14  i can read with my eyes shut      spanish I read this book but now im reading it in spanish. he can read in red and blue and green. he can read in a circal he can read in bed but what he cant realy do is read with his eyes shut.   
3/31/14  spedy roobot  this robot can run 5.6 miles.this robot is cald ASIMO.he goes fast becase of his hardwahr 
3/1/14  adventure time  bemo said look frind baking!! fins coming up and said wow that looks good. 
4/2/14  Nick Furey  

ITS AMAZING thir is tanks and a war the news purson got hit

and 2 pepole died. 

4/7/14  hugo   the gral is saying dont open that book and hugo says why and than she says agen dont open it and he keeps on saying why and why and why. the giral says plese dont open it. 
4/10/2014  the cat and the hat comes back  this book is OK :/ but not as good as i like I CAN READ WITH MY EYES SHUT. the kids are diging the snow and than the cat and the hat arives and he says i will go in the house to find somthing to do and he grabs cake an goes in the bath tub and than one of the kids came in and shut the water of . 
4/16/2014  geronimo stilton  geronimo was in his house and the lihgs went out geronimo loked in his dorew to find his flash light and ther was a SCELETON AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH and ther was blood on the door handle . 


Comments (7)

ronie cunningahm said

at 6:22 pm on Jan 27, 2014

Did you enjoy reading about Big Foot? What did you mean when you said if you smell Big Foot you would throw up? Remember to use correct capitalization and write in complete sentences.

Paloma said

at 7:27 pm on Jan 28, 2014

I read a book about sharks too there are so interesting.

Jake said

at 7:43 pm on Jan 29, 2014

that's so cool!!!

David said

at 6:07 pm on Feb 10, 2014

Wonder is so cool I think you will like it.

James said

at 8:33 pm on Feb 26, 2014

I have 2 Calvin and Hobbs books and I like Calvin and Hobbs too! The titles are: There's Treasure Everywhere! and It's A Magical World.

ronie cunningahm said

at 7:33 pm on Mar 3, 2014

I can't wait to hear more about the book your reading (Hugo). Jakob, be sure to use correct capitalization and punctuation in your responses.

Macy said

at 8:53 pm on Mar 6, 2014

i read diary of a wimpy kid to i also saw the movie but the books are always differnt than the movies also love the response great job

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