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Junie B. Jones


           ch. 1-3 

This book is interesting so far. My favorite part is when Junie B.

screams a song in May's ear. It is also funny when May is always tattle telling on Junie B. Her and May don't like each other and are

always fighting! I would recommend this book to anyone who has a sense of humor! It is funny with all the drama that goes on between the two girls! 



1/ 29/14

Like Pickle Juice On A Cookie


I love this book! It is sad that Bibbi leaves to go take care of her dad who is in the hospital and is sick. Bibbi is Eleanor's big sister. Eleanor is very sad, she just sits on the couch and doesn't do anything because everything she does reminds her of Bibbi. She misses Bibbi everyday. Eleanor writes a letter to Bibbi and says she misses her and wants her to come home. Bibbi usually babysits Eleanor, but her mom hires a new babysitter named Natalie. They play board games all day, Eleanor likes her but misses her big sister.  


A Valentine For You


This book is about a new girl and a boy on Valentines day. Norman likes the new girl, her name is Wilhemina. Norman is making a valentine card for her but he doesn't think it's good enough for her and tries to make it perfect. He wants her to like him and tries to be better at everything like eating more to be stronger and exercising to be more healthy. Norman tries to be better than the other boys who are bullies. The boys tore up his valentine card and tried hurting him but Wilhemina beat up the boys and saved Norman! They exchanged valentine cards and Norman added the words strong and smart to her card.
2/4/2014  I love you Grandpa  This story is about a grandpa and a kid on the playground. The kid's name is Stanley and he wants to go outside so they go outside. Stanley wants his grandpa to play with him but he is too big to bounce on the ball and swing the jump rope. So, Stanley and his grandpa sit down in a chair and go to sleep. When Stanley's mom gets home she wakes them up and Stanley grandpa pushes him on the swing set. Then they take a walk.
2\5\14  Herbert Hilligan's Lone Star Ranger This book  is really interesting because Herbert's lunch box can turn into anything! When Herbert is in trouble he throws out his lunchbox and it transforms into what ever he  needs it to. THIS BOOK IS AMAZING!!!And nobody knows about his secret lunchbox except him. When his lunchbox transformed  Herbert landed in the dessert with all the animals. I love going on adventures too!
2\6\14  Follow the Zookeeper  I love this book because of all the animals! The zoo keeper is working his routine and all the animals love him. He goes in to work and all the animals are ready for breakfast. He has a routine and fills in for another zookeeper because he is out. So his day begins by going to the kitchen and collecting all the food for the animals. He checks on an alligator that is expecting her eggs to hatch that day. He feeds the animals and does his work before the zoo opens. He goes to the animal hospital and visits the animals who need care. He spent time with the vet who was taking care of a rhino. Before Mr. Scott left for the day he stopped by the elephant cage and an elephant named Big Bill remembered him  and came up to him. A baby elephant took peanuts from his pocket. He loves his job as a zoo keeper.
2\10\14  Armadillo Rodeo  This book is awesome because I love the rodeo! My favorite part is when the baby armadillo thinks the bright red boots on Jenny H are an armadillo. It's my favorite part because it is funny! The armadillo's name is Bo. Bo has a mom and three other brothers. They went on a walk and Bo gets distracted by other things happening around him. He wanders away from them and travels a long way following the red boots that lead him to the rodeo. Bo thinks the boots are another armadillo. The boots belong to Jenny H who is attending the rodeo there his family find Bo and goes back home to sleep.
2/11/14  Grandpa Loves  This book is about a Grandpa who loves doing everything with his grandson. They are a pig family and like to play baseball and take hikes. The Grandpa likes to be with his grandson when they are going to the beach, fishing, building a tree house and going on camping trips. They do a lot together! I liked this book it was cute and reminded me of times I spent doing things with my Grandpa.
2\18\14  Secret Valentine  I love this book because it is about secret valentines and valentines day! I love having valentines day, it is so fun giving valentine cards. it is about a little mouse named Molly, she gets a card that said it was from her secret friend. So she went around to her friends houses and couldn't find her  secret friend. But then she remembered one more friend and that was her secret friend. I would recommend  this book to anyone who likes valentines day!
2\19\14  Some Dog  This story is about a dog who has every good life until a little dog comes and George doesn't have a very good life, like he did. They kept the little dog and named him Zippitey. I love this book!! My favorite part in this book is when George goes out and saves Zippitey from  the storm. And they go back home and is the happiest family ever!!And  George can have his awesome life again.

The Pet War 


I can relate to this book because it is about a cat and a dog, I have a dog and there is a wild cat that runs around my house. I named her Blondie because she is like a blond color. This book is about a brother and a sister, the sister wants a cat and the brother wants a dog. The mother said whoever makes 500 dollars can have whatever pet they wanted a dog or a cat. Lexi  is the older sister, she is older than Otto the brother.
1\24\14  Wodney Wat 

Poor Poor, Wodney Wat  he is always being bullied. He can't say his r's so he can't say his name, Rodney rat instead he says Wodney wat. I HATE THE BULLIES SO MUCH!! When the new girl comes and she is the meanest bullie ever!!  There class plays Simon Says and wodney is Simon. So when they play he says read the sign he says wead instead of read. And everybody reads the sign because they know he means read and the girl pulls weeds and throws them at the sign. He keeps doing it the last time he says go west so the girl to the west and everybody goes to sleep. And every rat was so happy because the girl was gone. 



Junie  b. Jones 


I absolutely love this book! Because it has the funniest parts ever!! May and Junie B. Jones are always fighting. This book is about the Christmas time and their having a party and their going to give each other gifts and they draw names to see who gives who. Junie b. has to give May a present and she does NOT want to, but she has to. They go to the gift shop and of course Junie b. see's something she wants. A whoopee cushion ,she loves it and wants it for 5.00 but she doesn't have enough money so she asks grandpa and mom  for 5.00 each five for her and five for May.
2\27\14  Horses  This is probably almost my favorite book because it has horses and I LOVE HORSES!!! This book is about horse facts like All about horses, Our friend the horses, War horses, Life in a herd and Horses need our help. This book tells you facts about horses. Some facts are their heart weighs 9 pounds, horses sleep laying down or standing up and show jumping is a popular sport. I even get to ride horses on my ranch.
3\4\14  Land Before Time  This book was sad because the mom of the baby dinosaur dies and he is still real little.  The baby 's name is Little Foot. He met a lot of friends on all of his adventures. He went out into the world to find a new place to live. One of his friends is Cera, she likes to chase and race with Little Foot. The other friends name is Duckey and she can swim and talk but she talks too much! Then there is Spike who likes to eat, is strong and walks slow. Spike doesn't like to talk. when they were playing they heard a loud ROAR!! It was Sharptooth. He is a bad dinosaur!

Junie B  Jones 


Best book ever!!!!!!! This book is about  Junie B going to her school carnival. And keeps losing the games even when she practised at her house. But then she won the cake walk and chose a cake she didn't want... the fruit cake. All she won was a comb a dumb comb. And she was ANGRY!! I would be angry too! Would you be angry? And her best friends won a lot of things. When she got home she liked the fruit cake after all. She was able to use it to sit on and see out the window of the car and sit on it at the dinner table to be taller. The fruit cake didn't get smashed! She was happy after all! 


Comments (4)

Sammy said

at 10:44 pm on Jan 30, 2014

I think I've red this book last year.

Amaya said

at 8:27 pm on Feb 4, 2014

I like "Like Pickle Juice on a Cookie" I have read that book. It is sad that Bibi left.

Amaya said

at 8:58 pm on Feb 6, 2014

Sounds interesting. I would want to read "Follow the Zoo Keeper" because I can relate. I love animals and what to be a vet when I grow up.

ronie cunningahm said

at 7:32 pm on Mar 3, 2014

I like horses to... I've always wanted to have a horse, but I guess I was not destined to. How many horses do you have on your ranch and what kind are they?

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