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1-28-14  War Games

In Chapter 1 Zola and his brother Petros were doing bets to see who has to do the chores for 3 days. Then, Petros killed a swallow in a bet.(The red part of a swallow is the pouch of the 'Christ blood' so hiting it gives you bad luck.)I wonder what the bad luck is?

1-29-14  War Games 

In Chapter 2 Petros won a bet so, he watched Zola do his chores. It was prety funny. I mean imagine watching a sibling doing your chores! I would laugh so hard, he would slap me in the face! At least I got a good laugh, right?

1-30-14  Geronimo Stilton #19 chapters 1-3

In Chapter 1-3 were about Geronimo Stilton and how he had to do lots of work...ugg. So he wanted an assistant. When he found out who  the winner was - it was...a small 14 year old girl! I know it's crazy! How can a small 14 year old girl have a job? It said that she remains in the job on the back of the book! Please don't comment "that's crazy!" because I already told you it really is crazy!

2-4-14  War Games  In Chapter 3 Petros went to his uncle Spiro and talked to him about the war. But the most sad part is that he had to give lump away because his dad wanted to cook him. I mean how sad would it be if you had to give you're favorite pet away. Sad right? 
2-5-14  War Games   I'm so sorry but a asledently deleted this part.
1-6-14  War Games  In chapter 5 while Petros was playing marbles with his friends, they started fighting over a sparkling marble. Then a stranger picked up Petros and Zola. But it really was Lambros Petros' big brother who's in the army, he said that the war wasn't over. Then Petros ran back home imagining the darkness about the war. I mean imagine you live in your house and the war is outside your door.  Scary right?
1-10-14  War Games  In Chapter 6 while Petros and Zola were running home they wanted to tell there father about Lambros who was badly injured.  Then Petros' sister told him that their father was in the well.  It was very dramatic because when the father got out of the well he was shaking like crazy!
2-12-14  War Games  In Chapter 7 Petros and his famliy were talking how to get out of the war. They wanted to travel to Amarica by boat. But papa said Amarica was dangerous, Mama said that the boat will sink and Petros said that they will end up fish food. That's scary right?
2-13-14  War Games  In Chapter 8 Petros and Stavros were talking about papa climbing Needle a famous mountain.  They were talking about if they went with him they would not know what stuff was there.  But there were many people who failed to climb the mountain so it was a reeealy big challange.  
2-18-14  War Games  In Chapter 13 Petros was writing a note but instead of ink he replaced the ink with blueberry juice because that was the only material they had.  Also they wanted to make a secret note.  By the way it was a very short chapter.
2-19-14  Geronimo Stilton Kingdom Of Fantasy #2 In Chapters 1 and 2 Geronimo beaded the W.R.F.S.Y.O.F by eating more than 100 plates of spaghetti because he had to do it because one, Benjamin was there and he is Geronimo's favorite nephew and two there were a bunch of news reporters there and if he did not accomplish this his reputation would be ruined.
2-20-14 Geronimo Stilton Kingdom Of Fantasy #2

In Chapters 3 and 4 Geronimo was so chubby he couldn't reach his back after he did the W.R.F.S.Y.F. But in his sleep he was awoken by the DRAGON OF THE RAINBOW! He said that the Queen of the Fairies needed his help! So he hopped on the dragon's back and flew off!

2-25-14  Geronimo Stilton Kingdom Of Fantasy #2 In Chapters 5 and 6 Geronimo slept on top of the dragon's back while he was flying to the kingdom of fairies.  When he got there he woke up with his own snoring! Then when he got there he met his old friend Boils 'the chameleon'.
2-26-14  Geronimo Stilton Kingdom for Fantasy #2  In Chapters 7,8,9 and 10 they went to the Queen of fairies to get a quest.  The quest was to find the Heart of Happiness in the land of paradise.  Three friends joined the quest Snowy(daughter of the ice king), Oscar the cockroach(does a truly good job on almost anything, and Goose Blahblah(an excellent nurse).
2-27-14 Geronimo Stilton Kingdom Of Fantasy #2

In Chapter 11 Geronimo was riding on the DRAGON OF THE RAINBOW to the land of the super duper gross ogres, until he got hit by a poisoned arrow! 

3-4-14  Geronimo Stilton Kingdom Of Fantasy #2  In Chapters 12,13 and 14 Geronimo was trapped with The Queen Of Witches! Then she decided to let them go for a evil plot! But then her owl got badly injured by her, so Geronimo let him free and had to abandon THE DRA... you know what I mean.
3-5-14  Geronimo Stilton Kingdom Of Fantasy #2 In Chapters 15,16,17,18,19 and 20 Geronimo got the antidote for The DRAGON OF THE RAINBOW  so he can got out and flew to the ogres tower to get the map of paradise.
3-6-14  Geronimo Stilton Kingdom Of Fantasy #2 In Chapters 21,22,23,24,25,26,27 and 28 Geronimo had to clime the mouton in The Land Of  Sweets to reach the queens tower for the next step to get the Heart Of Happiness. But sadly it was not there...
3-18-14  Geronimo Stilton Kingdom of Fantasy  In Chapters 29,30,31,32 and 33 Geronimo went to the land of toys to see if in it they had the heart of happiness. So he had to defeat King King in the box in a game of chess. The king cheated though, but Geronimo still won, but the heart of happiness was not there...
3-19-14  Geronimo Stilton Kingdom Of Fantasy #2 In Chapter  34 Geronimo went to the kingdom of comfort. A land were alarm clocks don't work. So Geronimo had a super snorefest. They  just went there to snore.  They continued on their journey to find the heart of happiness because it wasn't there.
3-20-14 Geronimo Stilton Kingdom Of Fantasy #2 In Chapter 34,35 and 36 Geronimo went to the land of gold but they couldn't sleep or eat because the bed and the food was made out of solid gold. What a bummer!
3-25-14  Geronimo Stilton Kingdom Of Fantasy #2  In Chapters 37,38,39,40 and 41Geronimo went to the land of gold to figure out if THOH was there. But even know it was the last land IT WASN'T THERE! I CAN'T BELEVE IT WASN'T THERE!
3-26-14 GSKOF #2 In Chapters 42-50 Geronimo found the heart of happiness in the Crystal Park in a cave! But luckily he found a way out... but the a wich appears! Geronimo got away safely!
3-27-14 GSKOF #2 

In all the other chapters Geronimo gave the heart of happiness to the queen of fairy's but she said to bring it back. WHY DID SHE SAY THAT!?!?!? But then Geronimo went back to the real word and wrote this adventure in a book.



4-1-14 GSC Help,I'm In Hot Lava! In Chapters 1-5 Geronimo Stiltonoot was having a relaxing day then Grandma Ratrock ( His grumpy grandma ) told him that she had LOTS of pains. So he told her about Cheesy-La and that it was fake and it could heal ALL your pains. But she believed that it was real and made him go and find it.
4-2-14 GSC Help,I'm In Hot Lava! In Chapters 6 and 7 Geronimo Stiltonoot was going to Cheesy-La then on the way he fell into a hole! But good thing it was a short-cut! ( Phew )
4-3-14  GSC Help,I'm In Hot Lava! In Chapters 8 and 9 Geronimo Stiltonoot was on his way to Cheesy-La then he had to make it across a lava river, he burned his tail when he was doing that! After that, he ran into some Prehistoric Bats! But good thing a Whiskered Pterodactyl ate the Prehistoric Bats!
4-8-14  GSC Help, I'm In Hot Lava!  In Chapters 10, and 11 Geronimo Stiltonoot had to go through a maze to get to Cheesy-La. But then when it seemed that they were lost they found a arrow leading to the correct path! They were saved! Then they finally found Cheesy-La! Wait a second, this is just boiling steam! Is this really what Cheesy-La is? Sorry to spoil the fun, but we're going to figure out next time.
4-9-14  GSC Help, I'm In Hot Lava!  In Chapters 12, 13, and 14 Geronimo Stiltonoot was going back home, until the tribe of Saber Toothed Tigers appeared! But to make the problem worst when grandma been mean to them! The tigers went crazy! But luckily they hid in a place were they could not find them! ( Phew )
4-10-14 GSC Help, I'm In Hot Lava! In Chapters 15, and 16 Geronimo Stiltonoot was stil going back, then he saw a big wall that told the secret to Cheesy-La they had to go into the water! So, of cores, Grandma Ratrock jumped right in and the water healed all her pains!
4-14-14  GSC Help, I'm In Hot Lava!  In all the other chapters Geronimo Stiltonoot  went back home.   He shared the word about Cheesy-La. Everyone called him a hero because he found Cheesy-La. 


Comments (14)

David said

at 7:09 pm on Jan 28, 2014

I hope his bad luck is horrible!

Paloma said

at 7:15 pm on Jan 28, 2014

OMG! I wonder what the bad luck is? ;(

Alexander said

at 5:44 pm on Jan 29, 2014

Its the army trying to steal his favorite goat, Lump. (Of coal)

Macy said

at 9:01 pm on Jan 29, 2014

he owns a goat wow

ronie cunningahm said

at 6:46 pm on Jan 29, 2014

So I guess Petros didn't have bad luck hasn't happen... since he won the bet and got to watch his brother do the chores!

Sammy said

at 8:44 pm on Jan 29, 2014

this sounds like a awesome book I hope I can check it out at the library!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

David said

at 6:00 pm on Feb 10, 2014

I know right?

ronie cunningahm said

at 8:56 pm on Feb 11, 2014

Why and how did he fall in the well?

Alexander said

at 6:22 pm on Feb 12, 2014

He did not fall into the well. He actually went into the well because he thought it was empty.

Landon said

at 5:03 pm on Feb 13, 2014

WOW This book is awsome I whsh I can check it out at the library someday.

Jake said

at 10:13 pm on Feb 19, 2014

that sounds cool!

ronie cunningahm said

at 7:08 pm on Mar 3, 2014

Who shot him with a poison arrow?

Alexander said

at 4:18 pm on Mar 19, 2014

An evil wich!

Alexander said

at 5:54 pm on Apr 8, 2014

It been a month without a comment. : (

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