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Teacher Resources

TE1, TE2, TE3, TE4, TE5, TE6

Leveled Reader Plans, Work Stations, Vocabulary Word Cards, Vocabulary Context Cards

Student E-Book, Leveled ReadersLeveled Vocabulary ReadersGuided Reading Level ChartBook Wizard;

Mr. Nale's Virtual classroom; K-12Reader.com; Graphic OrganizersGameGoo

Journeys Reading ProgramReading Graphic OrganizersThe Literacy ShedWrite a newspaper articleReadWriteThink





Online Databases
TumbleBooks (Need Password)
AR Book Finder
 Story Mapping
FunBrain: Reading PBS KIDS- Fun with Reading
Word Chunking Game 
Highlights Read Aloud Stories  Highlights Animated Stories 

Cube Creator


Trading Cards 

Book Wizard  On Line Books   (Need password)

Story On Line 



National Geographic: Young Explorers Magazines  Scholastic: Listen and Read 
Inference Riddles  RIF: Read Alongs  Tales, Fables, Legends and Myths 


Prefixes  Suffixes 


Prefix and Suffix Games:

Prefix Game Prefix and Suffix game
Prefix Lesson and Games  Suffix Lesson and Game
Prefix Meaning Matching Suffixes
Prefix Practice  Suffix Meanings 




Antonyms and Synonyms

Antonyms and Synonyms - Step Right Up On-Line Game


 Skill: Context Clues 




A Bad Case of Stripes : Using Context to Understand Words PowerPoint





Skill: Story Structure 

A Fine, Fine School                              

                       By: Sharon Creech                                                   

                  Genre: Humorous Fiction

                  Comprehension Skills: Story Structure and Summarize


One-Room Schoolhouse

Encyclopedia Article

Genre: Informational text

Comprehension Skill: Compare/Contrast

Schools Then and Now Reader



Video 2: Roberts One Room Schoolhouse

Skill: Sequence of Events / Plot 


 Max's Words

                                       By Kate Banks

                                Genre:Humorous Fiction 
                               Comprehension Skill: Sequence of Events

                                       Story Scramble Game



The Boy Who Loved Words









Skill: Main Idea and Details




 Young Thomas Edison

                                    By Michael Dooling 

                                    Genre: Biography 
                             Comprehension Skill: Main Idea and Details

                                    What's the BIG IDEA Riddles ; Main Idea - Ben Franklin


Pop's Bridge

                               By Eve Bunting

                               Genre: Historical Fiction

                               Comprehension Skill: Compare/Contrast

                               Compare/Contrast Power Point

                               Graphic Organizer #1; Graphic Organizer #2



Skill: Drawing Conclusions/Making Inferences



Snowflake Bentley  by: Jacqueline Briggs Martin

                                         Genre: Biography

                                                   Comprehension Skill: Making Inferences/ Sequence of events/ Theme 







The Trial of Cardigan Jones

                            By Tim Egan

                                   Genre: Fantasy

                                   Comprehension Skill: Drawing Conclusions/

                                                                          Making Inferences/Theme

                                    Drawing Conclusions Power Point

                                    Theme Power Point 






Skill: Character Analysis and Making Inferences



CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT: Writing Activity - Show Don't Tell


A Train to Somewhere by Eve Bunting




My Rotten Redheaded Older Brother                              

                               By: Patricia Placco                                                                                     

                        Genre: Realistic Fiction

                   Comprehension Skill: Character Analysis, Summary and Theme



Summary, Main Idea and Theme of Story: My Rotten Redheaded Older Brother 


The Spider and the Fly

Poem by Mary Howitt

Skill: Analyzing Characters and Theme





 Skill: Author's Purpose





Author's Purpose for Writing 


Author's Purpose Game


What is the Author's Purpose?



Skill: Cause and Effect



                                    Genre: Fantasy

                                    Comprehension Skill: Cause and Effect 



 Whose Land is It?

                                            By: Ellen gold

                                            Genre: Informational Text

                                            Comprehension Skill: Cause and Effect


Skill: Text Features 


     Mountains: Surviving on Mt. Everest

                                                       By: Micheal Sandler 

                                                     Genre: Informational 

                                                     Comprehension Skill: Text Features 






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